We supply UK-grown hardwood decking

What Do We Do?

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We source FSC certified hardwood timber in the UK

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We mill timber to your exact requirements at our sawmill site

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We apply the anti-slip finish that you need for your project

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We can deliver across the UK or help with local pickup

At UK Hardwood Decking we supply UK-grown hardwood decking to the UK market, focusing primarily on green oak and sweet chestnut. We source our oak and sweet chestnut from UK sources that are FSC certified (or equivalent) before milling all timber at our sawmill site in Norfolk. We have a range of decking finishes available, including smooth, fluted, profiled, and grip decked, offering different levels of anti-slip properties. All decking finishes have stress relieving grooves cut into the base and rounded corners. No matter whether you are looking for hardwood decking for private or commercial purposes, we can cut hardwood decking to your exact requirements that is suitable for use in all outdoor situations.

The History Of Our Company

Our company history involves several decades of working with various timbers that finally led to the formation of the UK Hardwood Decking website that you see before you today. Our founder, Russell Bowlby, spent several decades restoring listed buildings in the UK, during which time he built a Tudor Cottage themed playhouse for his four sons in the late 80s / early 90s. The playhouse received much adoration from friends and visiting parents that many years later Russell decided to stop the renovation work and transition into bespoke play equipment creation as a full-time business. The new business venture is called Flights of Fantasy Creative Play and specialises in the creation of wooden play equipment, pushing the boundaries of creativity that boasts everything from outdoor play areas and pirate ships to play castles and replica farm machinery.

Due to the success of Flights of Fantasy, we soon began receiving requests for other wooden structures, leading to the formation of The Wild Deck Company. At The Wild Deck Company we specialise in the creation of bespoke timber structures in natural settings and have created many bird hides, boardwalks, animal carvings, and visitor centres to name but a few projects. Our demand for a reliable source of hardwood, specifically oak and sweet chestnut, grew so much that we decided to open our own hardwood sawmill so that we could control the volume and quality of our timber supply. Our sawmill, Quercast Sawmilling, now cuts green oak and other UK-grown hardwoods to order.

Due to the nature of Quercast Sawmilling and The Wild Deck Company, hardwood boardwalks are one of our main outputs and we have become specialists in the production of hardwood decking which led to the formation of this website, UK Hardwood Decking. On UK Hardwood Decking we want to provide you with a clean and clear website that allows you to easily generate a quote for your hardwood decking needs. We have been working with timber for many decades and their are very few who can match our knowledge and expertise, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about your upcoming project.

What Makes Hardwood So Special?

With many decades’ experience working with different timbers, we know wood. Despite experimenting with softwoods, modified timbers, and various wood treatments from different sources, we always come back to UK grown hardwood as our favourite timber to use for the following reasons:

– The hardwoods we use, oak and sweet chestnut, are rated as durable which means they are expected to last 15-25 years without treatment
– Treatment free timbers are kind on the environment and won’t leach harmful chemicals at the end of their lifespan
– Using locally grown hardwood reduces the negative impact of transport upon the environment
– Using FSC certified (or equivalent) sources ensures sustainable timber usage

In summary, UK-grown hardwoods are durable timbers that will withstand the elements for multiple decades without negatively impacting upon the environment. What more could you ask for?

Our Commitment To The Environment

Wood is the heart and soul of our business, and we take environmental responsibility very seriously. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have a business for very long! All of our timber is sourced from FSC certified (or equivalent) sources. FSC certification means that the timber has come from a source that is managed responsibly and all suppliers must adhere to ten rules that cover the essentials of responsible forest management in order to achieve the certification. Additionally, we source all of our hardwood from the UK, meaning that we minimise the environmental impact of transport compared to non-UK sources. As we only use hardwood, which is durable, our decking does not require the use of timber preservatives that would eventually leach into the environment and become part of the water cycle, yet durable timbers still have an outdoor life expectancy of 15-25 years. At our workshop we endeavour to use all by-products to minimise waste: usable offcuts are re-sawn; unusable offcuts are used as fuel in biomass boilers; stripped bark is chipped for use as a play area fall surface; and sawdust is bagged for use as animal bedding or mulch. We will continue to work in an environmentally sustainable way and welcome any ideas of future practices we can implement to further reduce any negative impact upon the environment to ensure a positive future for all.

UK Delivery Or Local Pick Up Options

We can arrange for delivery of hardwood decking across the UK; either get in contact with us or submit a request for a full quote to get pricing information. If you wish to pick up decking from our site in Norfolk, that is also possible and we can help you with the loading of material onto your vehicle. Once again, please get in contact with us or submit a request for a full quote to get pricing information. We look forward to hearing from you.