Oak & Sweet Chestnut Decking

We supply UK-grown decking, cut to order, for private & commercial purposes

The Timber We Use

We believe in the use of durable, UK-grown hardwoods from sustainably managed sources.

Durable Hardwoods

We only mill oak and sweet chestnut; durable timbers with expected lifespans of 15-25 years when untreated.

FSC Certified

All our timber is from FSC certified (or equivalent) UK sources, ensuring sustainable forest management.

British Oak

We buy oak packets from sustainable UK sources, taking the time to search for high quality timber.

Sweet Chestnut

Our supply of sweet chestnut comes from previously neglected, over-stood coppices in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.

Decking Profiles / Finishes We Offer

All decking has stress releasing grooves on the underside and rounded edges.

What We Offer

We saw hardwood decking to your exact requirements, offering UK delivery for private and commercial clients.

Uses Of Our Decking

Our decking is suitable for private and commercial use. Below are some typical projects.





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